Jacob Leibowitz

Recording and Audio Professional in NYC


"Jacob's professionalism, knowledge of music, as well as recording technology was reassuring to my team as it allowed us to focus on other aspects of the event, which he helped to record. Jacob took the time to understand our needs beforehand. He arrived promptly and dealt with the set up with confidence and aplomb. We are happy with the results."

- Yuan Fang at Nicholas Hall

My experience recording with Jacob was great -- he was very professional, quickly and efficiently set up all recording equipment, and kept me involved in all aspects of the recording process from making sure I approved of the sound quality at the beginning, to taking in all feedback between takes and adjusting accordingly. He ensured that the focus of our session was getting the best recordings that I felt the most confident in for my graduate school applications, for a very reasonable rate!

- Kennedy Plains (Bassoon)

Work Samples

All the below recordings are used with permission.

Here is an example of a standard audition recording set up. 

I used a stereo pair of microphones with a single camera video.

In this case we recorded in a practice room, but wherever you would like to record, I can meet you there.

Solo classical guitar in a park. 

I love recording outdoors. If you've never done it before I'm happy to talk to you about the process.

Ariana Mascari performing Bach in a beautiful, resonant stairwell.

I love recording in non-traditional locations. It always feels like an adventure. There are so many beautiful sounding spaces beyond the concert hall. 

Have an interesting place you'd like to record? Let me know. I can't wait to hear it!

(Curious about how it sounds so wide? There is a stereo pair of condenser microphones at the top of the next floor's landing.)

A recording done for an event at the Nicholas Hall art gallery.

Audio Repair Examples

Original clipped clarinet recording.

ex. 1 Original, Clipping.mp3

Repaired clarinet recording.

ex. 1 Fixed, No Clipping.mp3